Happy New Year!

 We have officially come to the end of our mission.  Today, we found a certificate of release from President Russell M. Nelson in our missionary email box.  We will not get our Stake President’s release for several more days over the phone but we have stopped driving our mission car and will soon move out of our missionary apartment to a privately rented apartment in Hau’ula (about 3 miles from Laie.  We will continue to teach Institute through the remainder of this month until the Chamberlain's arrive.  

I start teaching for BYU-H this coming Wednesday.  It will be fun to get to know my students.  In the meantime, we will start packing up our apartment and get ready to move.

We have enjoyed our mission so much.  We have helped establish not only the Laie Institute but to build up a gathering place for the young people here in this area.  We have witnessed the miracles of young lives being changed and getting an opportunity to be grandparents of hundreds of young people who needed someone to talk with, tell their successes or failures to, or just to know someone cares about them.  It was fun to work together to make it happen.  Here are some beautiful pictures to end our mission with.

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