The Season is Changing


Waves crashing at Laie Point November 25th

The trade winds have shifted and it is cooling down (finally).  We actually are not using our air conditioning at night in our bedroom.  With the shift in the winds comes a new set of storms.  We have not had any rain yet but some pretty strong winds that have given us some spectacular scenes at the beach.  We tried going swimming yesterday but after Janice was knocked down the second time by a strong wave, we got out and decided that just watching the waves was better.  

We had our Thanksgiving and ate twice as much as we should have (of course you might be thinking - that is not anything new).  Joe also had a bad cold this past week that has slowed us down.  It is not COVID but is lasting for over a week.  Our Tongan Ward has a lot of it going around.  We didn't let that stop us from going to the beach and relaxing.


We are so blessed to be here.  Janice's knee is doing very well.  She hardly thinks of it anymore as she bicycles, swims, or walks.  

We love those who come to Institute.  We have so many friends now that we run into everyday and they are so quick to wave to us and say "Hello, Elder & Sister Lloyd!"  We just love associating with them.  It was Janice's Birthday last Wednesday and we celebrated with a cake after our class.  When we came home, our door was covered in paper hearts and a heart-shaped painting with a birthday wish on the back.  It was from our neighbor girls who come to Institute.  One is a 7th grade math teacher and the other one works for a food truck at the PCC.  It is good to have a family away from our family.

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

 They really do Christmas big here.  It starts as soon as Halloween is over.  They keep the tree lights off until after Thanksgiving but the Christmas radio stations are going full steam.  We are enjoying a little break from the heat.  It is comfortable inside our apartment again.  Janice has created a Christmas village out of paper in our office (she is so crafty).  We have our tree up but not decorated.  

Janice's Christmas Village.  She is going to make some more buildings.

Our $10 tree from Goodwill

We are getting back into swimming again.  Janice had a toe infection that has now healed up.  Our favorite place is temple beach.  Most of the time it is just us and we love the warm water, the feel of the waves, and the beauty of the water, sand, and trees.  Here is a picture of the little meditation garden the Church maintains just before the beach.  We stop there coming and going to change into and out of our reef shoes.  

We taught our Sunday School class today.  We love them.  They are a rambunctious lot but we enjoy teaching them so much.  They are going to grow up to be a great strength to the Church wherever they live.

We are sad that we only have a couple more institute lessons left on our mission.  We will finish up on November 30th.  We will however teach again for a few weeks after we are released until the Chamberlains get here.  It has been wonderful to see the whirlwind of life that happens in their affairs - leaving on missions, coming home from missions, engagements, marriage, finals, failures, and successes.  It gives me great hope in the future generation.  That they will take good care of us in our old age.  We had a young man come into our office this week and spent an hour just chatting with us.  When he had to go, he thanked us for providing grandparent time for him and how much it helped him.  We are certain that we are in the right place at the right time.  Why else would we be here.  We love our mission and feel so blessed!

Laie Temple at night (we attended a devotional there last Sunday night)

Tonight we are attending the baptism of one of our students.  She has attended institute all of this semester and her friends have loved her into the Church!  We are so excited for her.

Our Sprint to the End!

 We only have less than 2 months left of our mission.  That mean that we have 3 more institute lessons to teach, 4 more seminary classes to attend and monitor the lesson completions and roll, and 3 more Sunday school lessons to teach in our assigned ward.  

Sadly, we took Adam, Justyna, Hazel, and Ezra to the airport on Thursday and sent them home.  What a delight they were to have here and to love.  It helps us make it through our mission to have those little "doses" of love from our family now and then.  We will forever remember little Ezra reading the green sheep book and saying, "Where'd he go?"  We will remember the game of "I've got the girl" in the ocean that we played several times with Hazel.  We will also remember the pride we had as we introduced Adam and Justyna to our students and and friends here.  We played on the beach and the ocean almost everyday with them.  We watched sunrises and sunsets, and went on beautiful walks together.  Surely, heaven holds some of those same experiences for us.

Janice and I are amazed as we look back and see the things that we have been involved in here on our mission.  We have established a gathering place for the young single adults who are not BYU Hawaii students - a safe and pleasant place for them to come and enjoy one another's company.  We hope that the foundation we have laid will be built upon as time progresses here.  What a joy it has been to be involved in helping young men and women prepare for their missions, to adjust when they get home, and to socialize in a setting where perhaps they will find their eternal companions.

We have a meeting tonight with the stakes to discuss establishing an institute council.  We hope to see great things grow out of it!  Here is the link to the handbook about it: Establishing a Gathering Place for Young Single Adults

November Starts with a Visit from Heaven

Sometimes heavenly messengers come in the form of family.  On Wednesday, we picked up Adam, Justyna, Hazel, and Ezra from the airport and since that time, have had the time of our lives.  What a delight to be with our loved ones if even for a week.  We are so happy to have them here to share what we love in Hawaii.  Perhaps rather than describing what it is like, we will show you the pictures.