The Season is Changing


Waves crashing at Laie Point November 25th

The trade winds have shifted and it is cooling down (finally).  We actually are not using our air conditioning at night in our bedroom.  With the shift in the winds comes a new set of storms.  We have not had any rain yet but some pretty strong winds that have given us some spectacular scenes at the beach.  We tried going swimming yesterday but after Janice was knocked down the second time by a strong wave, we got out and decided that just watching the waves was better.  

We had our Thanksgiving and ate twice as much as we should have (of course you might be thinking - that is not anything new).  Joe also had a bad cold this past week that has slowed us down.  It is not COVID but is lasting for over a week.  Our Tongan Ward has a lot of it going around.  We didn't let that stop us from going to the beach and relaxing.


We are so blessed to be here.  Janice's knee is doing very well.  She hardly thinks of it anymore as she bicycles, swims, or walks.  

We love those who come to Institute.  We have so many friends now that we run into everyday and they are so quick to wave to us and say "Hello, Elder & Sister Lloyd!"  We just love associating with them.  It was Janice's Birthday last Wednesday and we celebrated with a cake after our class.  When we came home, our door was covered in paper hearts and a heart-shaped painting with a birthday wish on the back.  It was from our neighbor girls who come to Institute.  One is a 7th grade math teacher and the other one works for a food truck at the PCC.  It is good to have a family away from our family.

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